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Prague 29th Apr 2018

Description of Conference

Tour 1

Sunday 29th April: Half day tour to Terezin

The tour will leave from the Marriott Hotel lobby at 14.00 and drive by coach straight to Terezín (Thereisinstadt in German) the former garrison town that was turned by Nazis into a concentration camp and prison, primarily for Jews. We will visit the museum, the Magdaburg barracks with exhibitions devoted to the incredible artistic life in Terezín: the art, music and drama. We will then see the secret synagogue and the tree the children planted on Tu Bishvat in 1943, to conclude with poems and prayers. Finally we will visit the Small Fortress that was the prison camp and execution place, before returning to the hotel in Prague at about 19.00.

COST: – £40/€45/$55 per person to include coach, entrances and guided tours.


Tour 2

Monday 30th April 2018: Full day tour to Kolín and Kutna Hora

The tour will leave from the Marriott Hotel lobby at 09.00 and drive by coach to Kolín, which in Middle Ages was the second most important Jewish community in Bohemia, after Prague. Arriving at about 10.00. We will visit the old Jewish cemetery (founded in 1414), the synagogue (dedicated in 1696) and walk round the Stolpersteine trail that encircles the ghetto providing graphic proof of the importance of the Jewish community before the Shoah. There will then be free time for coffee/early lunch (for your own account) at cafes in the town square before we visit the new Jewish cemetery with its impressive Holocaust memorial. From there we travel the short distance to Kutná Hora, a UNESCO listed town, once the centre for silver mining. We will visit the fabulous St Barbara Cathedral, the former synagogue (now a church), visit the famous ossuary at Sedlec, with free time in this charming historic town. We will have dinner in a typically Czech restaurant before returning to Prague by 22.00

COST: £65/€75/$90 per person to include coach, entrances, guided tours and dinner.


Tour 3

Tuesday 1st May 2018: Full day tour to Karlovy Vary and Plzeň

Leaving by coach at 09.00 from the Marriott Hotel lobby we travel through the Bohemian countryside to Karlovy Vary (Carlesbad), the historic spa town in western Bohemia. We will have a guided tour round the town and have time to taste the waters (if brave) and get coffee/early lunch (for your own account). In the afternoon we travel back to the town of Plzeň, famous for its beer and industry (Skoda factories). Plzeň has 3 synagogues: one that can seat over 1200 people and is the third largest in the world. Another has been beautifully restored for use by the small local congregation and the third has been turned into a moving Holocaust memorial. After our visit to these historic Jewish sites, we will go to the famous Pilsner Urquel brewery to have dinner in its restaurant and taste the famous beer. We then return tired but happy to Prague by 22.30.


COST: £68/€78/$92 per person to include coach, entrances, guided tours and dinner.

You can book for one, two or three tours and, if booking all three there is a discounted cost of £155/€180/$210 per person.

All tours will be organised by Wittman Tours and led by experts Sylvia Wittman and Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein.

Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein and Michael Reik

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