Shabbaton in Brussels

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Brussels 9th Nov 2018
Celebrating European Progressive Jewry

Description of Conference

Welcome to Brussels. A weekend of celebration and commemoration is scheduled, beginning on Shabbat evening, 9 November, and running through to the Open Executive Board meeting on Sunday, 11 November. The EUPJ will officially open its European Union office on Saturday evening.

This Shabbaton promises to be an important culmination of celebration and commemoration:

  • Centennial Anniversary of WWI 1914-18 Armistice, 11 November
  • 80 Years “Kristallnacht” 9/10 November 1938
  • Opening of new EUPJ EU Office

Take an opportunity to meet, engage with and hear from the EUPJ Board at their European Assembly and Open Executive Board meeting.

Enjoy a warm Jewish gathering with both the community of Beth Hillel and IJC Brussels. In addition, there will be services and special events to make this weekend in the European capital one that you will never forget.

Please note: With the exception of the Saturday afternoon tours all events will take place at Beth Hillel-IJC.

Friday, 9 November
18:00   Welcome drinks, Beth Hillel-IJC
19.00   Joint French-English Kabbalat Shabbat service led by Rabbi Marc Neiger, Beth Hillel and Rabbinical Intern Brian Doyle, IJC
20:30   Kiddush + Buffet

Saturday, 10 November
09.30   Torah study
10:30   Kabbalat Shabbat Service led by EUPJ rabbis
13:00   Kiddush + buffet lunch
14:30   Guided tours:

A) European Union Institutions
B) Jewish Brussels
Please note: All tours have limited numbers and will be subject to a first come, first serve basis.  Transport will be provided to these attractions. A detailed itinerary will be provided to all  participants ahead of the Shabbaton.

18:00   Havdalah and EU Office Opening Ceremony
19:30   Cocktail Reception and Buffet Dinner
22:00  End

Sunday 11 November
10:00   There are two time slots with three workshops each and here are the six options:

1. New trends in our communities

We’ll be looking at new ways of approaching the structural and logistical challenges of our congregations and creative solutions to them, such as the sharing of worship spaces and community mergers.

2. The future of Progressive Judaism in Europe

Taking advantage of the assembled Progressive leadership, this workshop will be a forum to identify and discuss development opportunities and challenges.

3. Progressive Judaism and the challenges of our century (nuclear threats, climate change, disruptive technology)

Thinking outside the box, science experts will help us understand the global trends we all faced with in our daily lives.

 4. Recognition by the State

Governmental recognition was the starting point to a successful development of the progressive Jewish community in various European countries. We are going to look at successful examples and assess the current situation.

 5. Why be a Progressive Jew 

The question of questions, addressed in this workshop from a rabbinical perspective.

 6. Interfaith dialogue and antisemitism

What can we do as progressive Jews to fight antisemitism and the lack of knowledge about Judaism? This workshop is dedicated to successful interfaith initiatives, which do exactly that.

Followed by a Commemoration and Minutes of Silence to mark the conclusion of the armistice which ended World War I.

12:00   Buffet Lunch
13:00   EUPJ European Assembly and  Open Executive Board meeting
15:00   End

Venue: Beth Hillel / IJC: 80 rue des Primeurs, B-1190 Brussels
Phone: 00 32 2 332 25 28

Contact: Deborah Grabiner,

Delegates must book their own transfers and hotels. We have negotiated special rates and recommend the following three hotel choices, from comfortable budget to Old World luxury. Deadline for registration: Friday, 26 October 2018.


Recommended Hotels:

Hotel De Fierlant
*** Rue de Fierlant 67, 1190 Brussels. (1.4 km/0.8 miles)  Fifteen minutes walk from Beth Hillel/IJC.

Room Hire: €66 (single) €85 (double) + 4.24 € tax/room.
Breakfast included.
Phone: 00 32 2 538 60 70
Booking Reference: Mention “Beth Hillel” 10% reduction.

Hotel Motel One Brussels
*** Rue Royale/Koningsstraat 120, 1000 Brussels. (5.4 km/3.4 miles). Affordable modern hotel in Brussels city centre.

Room Hire: Single of double standard: €69 + €4.24 tax/room.
Buffet breakfast: €9.5 per person.

When booking, create your beOne profile and reserve as beOne member ONLINE through the hotel (right upper corner). This will give you a free breakfast and free late checkout on Sunday.

Contact : Giada Risatti, +32/2/209 61 22

Hotel Manos Premier
***** Chaussée de Charleroi 100-106, 1060 Brussels (3.1 km/ 1.9 miles). An old established hotel in Brussels with luxury guest rooms.

Room hire: Single or double/twin per night: €119 + €4.24 tax/room.
Buffet breakfast included.
Contact : Jean Fadi (Director), +32/2/537 96 82,


Transfer Costs

Train transfer Zaventem Airport -> Bruxelles Midi / Zuid Station : € 18 +/-
Taxi transfer Gare du Midi (Train Station) / venue : € 12 +/-  Travel Time: 8 minutes max.
Taxi transfer Zaventem Airport / venue: € 80 +/- Travel time: Depending on the time of day, 30 – 60 minutes max.

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