The World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ)

The World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) connects 1.8 million Reform, Progressive and Liberal Jews across six continents, seven regions, 50 countries and 1,200 communities by:

  • Developing and nurturing new Progressive and Reform congregations wherever Jews choose to live
  • Training congregational rabbis, community leaders, and Jewish educators worldwide and ensuring resources for their growth and support
  • Engaging the next generation of Reform Jews with youth groups, camps and young adult programs in dozens of cities

Headquartered in Jerusalem, the WUPJ represents the largest body of Jews in the world who seek a traditional yet contemporary expression of their Jewish spiritual, cultural and religious identity. It is the World Union’s goal to ensure that all Jews have access to a vibrant and personally meaningful Jewish life that can best inspire them spiritually and ensure the future of the Jewish People, whether in the State of Israel or throughout the Diaspora. For more about our activities, in the areas of community building, leadership development and youth & young adults, read Our Work.

Every four years the World Union convenes its international biennial conference, CONNECTIONS, in Jerusalem bringing together Reform, Progressive and Liberal Jews from around the world for four-days of workshops, lectures, prayer, gala events, site visits and more. This year’s focus of CONNECTIONS 2017, Milestones & Innovation, honours 200 years of Progressive Jewish history while exploring innovation in Jewish life and its impact on the future of our Jewish peoplehood.

Affiliated regions of the World Union are located in seven regions, whose members regularly communicate, meet and enrich each others’ experience of Jewish life. They are:

  • The European Union for Progressive Judaism
  • The Union for Progressive Judaism in Australia and New Zealand
  • The Union for Reform Judaism in North America
  • The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism
  • The South African Union for Progressive Judaism
  • The World Union for Progressive Judaism – Latin America
  • Progressive Judaism in the FSU

Please click here to read a copy of the latest WUPJ Annual Report.


For more information:

Head office Israel
Tel: 972-2-620-3494

North American Office
Tel: 212-452-6530