There are three rabbinic seminaries, Abraham Geiger Kolleg, Leo Baeck College and the Levisson Institute who support the work of our communities by providing Jewish education and rabbinic training.

Abraham Geiger College

Founded in 1999, Abraham Geiger College is the first liberal rabbinical seminary in Continental Europe since the Shoah. In response to the urgent need for academic rabbinical and cantorial training, it provides progressive, enlightened and modern spiritual leadership for Europe and beyond

Leo Baeck College

As the only fully validated and accredited Jewish seminary in the UK, Leo Baeck College (LBC) is the place where rabbis and educators equipped for the 21st century are trained, where the leaders of Progressive Judaism are nurtured, and where the heart of Progressive Jewish thought is developed.

Levisson Institute

Before 2002 training as a rabbi or cantor could only be undertaken outside of the Netherlands. For various reasons, such as age, work or family circumstances, several highly motivated potential students were not in a position to follow an extended course of study abroad.