European Beit Din (EBD)

Rabbi Dr Jackie Tabick, Convenor of the Beit Din
LBC room of Prayer
Court finished! European Beit Din, Rome 2016
European Beit Din

Welcome to the Beit Din, the Jewish law court for Progressive Jews in European countries where the community is too small to sustain its own Beit Din.

The Beit Din is rooted in Jewish tradition and halacha (Jewish law) while acknowledging the importance that Progressive Judaism has always placed on personal life choices based on commitment and Jewish knowledge.

So whether you have come seeking advice on conversion, adoption, or obtaining a Get (a Jewish divorce) or any other issue concerning Jewish status or other areas of complex Jewish law we hope that you will find us:

Welcoming, compassionate and inclusive, combining modernity with Jewish tradition.

Around 2,000 years ago, a man approached two teachers, seeking to convert to Judaism. The only trouble was, he wanted to be taught all there was to know while he stood on one leg. One teacher, Shammai, chased him away, hitting him with a wooden stick. The other teacher, Hillel, welcomed him and said: “The entire essence of Judaism is that you should not do to others what you would not like done to yourself. The rest is commentary. Now go study!”

We see ourselves more as followers of Hillel than Shammai and want to be helpful if we possibly can, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.