Executive Board

The Executive Board is the decision-making body and is responsible for ensuring that the Management Committee conducts the business of the EUPJ in accordance with the principles, policies and procedures approved by the European Assembly from time to time.

Members of the Executive Board (EB):

Leslie Bergman

Honorary Life President

Rabbi Menno ten Brink

Honorary Life President

Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein

Honorary Life President

Miriam Kramer


Rabbi Lea Mühlstein


Jonathan Eaton

Vice Chair Governance

Pierre Elkaim

Vice Chair Finance

Ian Lancaster

Vice Chair UK Movement for Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism Liaison

Dominika Zakrzewska-Oledzka

Vice Chair Communications

Rabbi Alexander Grondesky

Vice Chair Interfaith

Benjamin Fantini

Vice Chair Israel

Paul Gompes

EUPJ Foundation Liaison

Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild

EUPJ Rabbinic Assembly Chair

Rabbi Jackie Tabick

Board - European Beit Din (EBD)

Frantisek Fendrych

Vice President

Andres Mosquera

Vice President

Sven Parsser

Vice President

Péter Árvai

Board - Hungary

Rabbi Charley Baginsky

Board - Liberal Judaism UK

Stéphane Beder

Board - Assemblée du Judaïsme Libéral (AJL) France

Anton Fishman

Board - Leo Baeck College

Katherine Gundolf

Board - Austria

Michal Kahn

Board - Assemblée du Judaïsme Libéral (AJL) France

Stanislaw Krajewski

Board - Poland

Rabbi Andreas Nachama

Board - Abraham Geiger College

Anne Sebbag

Board - Assemblée du Judaïsme Libéral (AJL) France

Daniel Schaban

Board - Union Progressiver Juden in Deutschland (UpJ) Germany

David Weis

Board - Luxembourg

Jonathan Wootliff

Board - Czech Republic
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