Progressive Central European Beit Din Launched


The first-ever Progressive Central European Beit Din (CEBD) was created and approved by the European Union for Progressive Judaism (EUPJ) and the EUPJ Rabbinic Assembly (ERA) at the end of last year.

Officially launched at the beginning of January 2021, the newest EUPJ-affiliated Beit Din will function as the Progressive Rabbinic Court for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

This is the only Progressive Beit Din that is recognised by the WUPJ, the EUPJ and its Rabbinic Assembly, the ERA, in these four countries.

Rabbi David Maxa will be the Convenor of this Beit Din, which will be based at the Ec chajim community in Prague. His email address is

The purview of the rabbinic court includes conversions to Judaism, confirmation of Jewish status, religious divorces and other important areas of Halacha (Jewish Law).

You can read the official announcement from ERA and the EUPJ here.


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